Who is stronger estarossa vs meliodas

Origins : Nanatsu no Taizai. Physical strength : Island level Has a power level of 60, managed to make Escanor bleed Large Island level Broke Sariel 's bones by hugging him, stated to be roughly on the same tier as Sariel and Tarmiel At least Large Island, higher Much stronger than before, effortlessly defeated Sariel and Tarmiel. Intelligence : Above average. He is a calm and skilled fighter, however after absorbing more commandments his mind became unstable.

Stamina : High. Took attacks from Escanor and still kept on fighting. Weaknesses : He can get affected by his own commandment. Can't regenerate the damage he takes but can heal his injuries, if a demon takes too much damage it can't regenerate. A demon dies if all his hearts are destroyed however after absorbing more commandments even though all his hearts were destroyed he still regenerated.

Full Counter: Estarossa's magical power, it allows him to reflect physical attacks back at his opponent with more than double the strength. Unknown Exploding Magic : Esterossa can make living things around him explode without moving.

Killing Saucer : Estarossa creates blades of darkness in his hand that rotate at high speeds which he uses to slice his enemies as they are engulfed in darkness. Black Hound : Using the flames of darkness he creates a big hound which sets everything on fire.

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This is not magic so it can't be nullified with Absolute Cancel. However this only works against people who know they are lying in his presence, if the target isn't aware that he's lying the commandment won't work. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Rimuru Tempest 1 Threat levels. Universal Conquest Wiki.No matter the character, they always have some hidden and mysterious trump cards.

These trump cards usually provide huge power buffs, which make the fights even more intense. Meliodas is oftentimes a part of these critical battles, where he's shown that he's one of history's greatest ever warriors. Here are characters he can easily defeat and some that he might not quite be ready for.

Escanor is the Lion Sin of Pride and is widely regarded as one of the world's strongest fighters. Escanor's powers rise with the sun and, when it's at its peak, he can be unbeatable, even against the strongest of demons and gods. With his Divine Axe, Rhitta, he can release all the energy he has stored up in Rhitta.

The energy released takes the form of heat and it burns so intensely that onlookers often mistake it for the sun itself. Meliodas himself stated that Escanor is stronger than him, ultimately meaning that he'll lose if they were to fight.

Gilthundder is a man who spent many of his formative years idolizing Meliodas, one day hoping to be as strong as him. To that end, Gil spent many of his young years honing his skills and developing his body.

This and his strong sense of justice led to him becoming a Holy Knight. Gil is exceptionally strong for a human of his age, and also possesses considerable talent in sword fighting and lightning magic.

Using his thunderbolt techniques, he can summon destructive lightning bolts as well as clad himself in lightning armor. This makes Gil both offensively and defensively strong, but he would still be too weak to defeat a serious Meliodas. He was brainwashed into doing the Demon King's bidding as one of his ten commandments.


In that time, he was the cause of much destruction. Estarossa's commandment renders any person who has hatred in their heart powerless against him. Any person harboring feelings of hatred becomes immobile if they try to approach Estarossa.

His Full Counter magic grants him the ability to reflect physical attacks, with more than twice the power output. Diane is a powerful giant warrior and the Serpent Sin of Envy. With her incredible size, she can easily topple mountains. Her Creation ability grants her the power to change the landscape of a battle in a split second through manipulating the Earth.Gray Man Dr. Home What's new Latest activity. Forums New posts Medals.

Media New media New comments. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter john ellis Start date Apr 13, I'm not gonna speculate if they are pure demons or what note yet however. Wonder if they all Share full counter. Which works basically the opposite he can a torn the attack and heal his magic and wounds Meliodas I expect to have power level in his first demon form and has rev eg counter as his special counter.

Esterossa I expect t have k power and have the special counter aboslute counter, which blocks all magic attacks in a huge radius even including mega attacks such as meliodas' wrath. Well, since in the age order it is : 1 Zeldris 2 Meliodas 3 Estarossa That should go the same for the power. I don't think all three of them share the same ability or something similar to full counter.

I think they each have their own power unique to themselves. Unless full counter was something that was passed down or if it originated from Estarossa. Maybe Estarossa was the one who taught Mel full counter or something similar to it. As for the PL scale i'd it just goes by age or what Rescorlian said. Honestly I think Mel has the highest spirit out of the 3 It's quite obvious Estarossa's magic is on the same level as Escanor's release which makes him the strongest out of the 3.

He managed to turn that bird into a mutated demon and explode with his presence alone, at the same time they're attracted to him, Nakaba's keeping him off screen for a reason. TarXan said:. Yakkun said:. Meliods - highest spirit stat Zeldris - highest strength stat Estarossa - highest magic stat???

who is stronger estarossa vs meliodas

Meliods - highest spirit stat Zeldris - highest strength stat Estarossa - highest magic stat. Mel should have the a higher spirit stats than those 2. Zeldris may have more magic or strength. Estarossa should surpass them both in magic and in strength, by a quiet far margin. I wanna go a bit more in the realm of theory and myth with those three brothers.

Nakaba has more or less subtly assigned themes to Meliodas and his sibling, for one we have the dragon Meliodas represents and then you have colour palettes. Since they are siblings and share the same demon mark as well, I'm speculating there is a link here to the whole dragon theme with them, too.

The colour palette is a bit harder.

For Meliodas we have tones of white, green and gold or yellow. For Zeldris we have black, red and silver.Assessing overall power when it comes to The Seven Deadly Sins characters is always a controversial topic. Anime watchers beware, this article packs in a lot of spoilers. You have been warned. Merlin's power level has been the center of controversy since the start. It was recorded to be around 4, but, later on in the battle of Camelot, we see her easily overpower Chandler and Cusac.

She uses strategies to render her opponents helpless without even having to engage them directly. While his power level does not speak much of his abilities, it is evident that Ludociel is a beast in the true sense of the term.

However, on a much more impressive note, his superior intelligence and extraordinary magical powers are enough to land him in 9th place. The Sinner's place in this list is solely owing to his most notable ability, Crisis, where he gets stronger with the damage that he takes. Being the daughter of the Supreme Deity, Elizabeth's power is much more than meets the eye. Although her fighting abilities are not exactly promising, she does have some serious magical tricks up her sleeve.

Her official power level is mentioned to be 1, but it's pretty obvious that her abilities are a force to be reckoned with. You've seen King's power when he was able to pierce through Ban's chest with a single spear strike.

It is estimated that in this most powerful form of his, his combat level is aroundThat's enough to give Demon King himself a very hard time.

They start disintegrating gradually after high noon so he's in full power only for a limited amount of time. This has raised a lot of questions among fans as to how 'invincible' he really is. Mael's estimated maximum power level is far less compared to that of Escanor but the fact remains that he is the original wielder of Sunshine.

Even if it can be argued that during peak noon for that 1 invincibility moment Escanor would be able to destroy Mael, but it's anyone's game a couple of minutes later. And definitely Mael's game for half of the day. So, you do the math. It's very hard to estimate just how powerful Ban has become after purgatory, but his level is expected to be somewhere aroundHis one weakness before Purgatory was his body's excruciatingly low tolerance level.

So, he can now use Snatch to easily increase his power exponentially while his enemy grows weaker in battle. All of this paired with the fact that he has fought Demon King for over 60 years is a perfect portrayal of just how potentially strong he can now be in battle. Demon King Zeldris has an estimated power level of aroundBut now that he has absorbed all of the ten commandments and experienced Demon King controlling his body, it's safe to say that Demon King Zeldris is enough to give Meliodas's final form a very hard time.

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Meliodas is undoubtedly the most powerful one out of the seven sins. You might ask, "How is he stronger than Demon King himself? By Izza Tipu Apr 21, Share Share Tweet Email 0.Estarossa is a very tall and muscular man and wears a yellow blue in the anime longcoat with gold silver in the anime gauntlets and boots.

who is stronger estarossa vs meliodas

He bears a great resemblance to the wanted poster of Meliodas. He has silver hair and noticeable facial stubble.

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He also has the same demonic mark as Meliodas and Zeldris but unlike Meliodas, it is above his left eye similar to Zeldris. Mael has long, curly silver hair with blue eyes.

He possesses two sets of angel wings with the first set being larger than the second. He is seen to have a very muscular build. He wears a robe with several buttons along, striped pants and sandals.

Ten Commandments vs Archangels. Full fight!!

It's impossible to read what he's truly thinking or feeling, just like Meliodas But what worries me the most is that inexplicable feeling of unease and discomfort that radiates from him Like something's out of place I can't figure what the source of it is But regardless, he is a strange man.

Estarossa seems to have a normally relaxed demeanor. When Meliodas appears and threatens the Ten Commandments, he doesn't seem overly bothered by the situation. Beneath this aloof exterior, however, he has a very sadistic and cold side. He cites Meliodas' former ruthlessness as one of the traits he used to admire most about him, and clearly takes pleasures in torturing his estranged brother as punishment for the betrayal of his own kind.

He did, however, begin crying when killing Meliodas, implying that he does still feel love for his older brother. Estarossa seems to enjoy fighting for himself. For instance, he claimed that he wanted to fight with his brothers for the Demon King's throne, even though he confesses to not being interested in it. Consequently, it makes his motivations rather unclear as he does not put himself forward for the Demon King's throne and rather prefers "gaining" Elizabeth instead.

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who is stronger estarossa vs meliodas

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who is stronger estarossa vs meliodas

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