Proton x50 test drive review

Proton X50 1. X50 1. In the Malaysia, X50 1. On road price of Proton X50 1. The variant X50 1. I have been waiting for Proton X 50 for around six months now. I hope it will be as reliable as its elder sibling, the Proton X It is quite appealing in terms of its looks and performance. Having a family of four, I feel, space inside will be adequate. Also, looking at the comfort offered by X70, we hope Read More. One of my close friends owns a Proton X70 SUV, and he is much satisfied with its performance and comfort.

I also like its connectivity and safety features and its mechanical setup, which is jointly developed by Geely and Volvo. It also houses Read More. As a tech-savvy person, I was hunting for a technologically advanced car that looks premium inside and out and comes at a friendlier price. My search ends on the upcoming Proton X The SUV has some amazing tech features which made up my mind in a while.

For say, it has Level 2 semi-autonomous driving features, remote start, and the Read More. My four years of companionship with the hatchback made me believe that whenever I buy a new car, it would definitely be a Proton.

I am impressed with its modern Read More. When I heard that Proton is coming up with a smaller SUV, it excited me a lot because I was searching for a compact one loaded with a good number of features at a reasonable price.

I researched it and got to know that it is based on Geely Coolray, available in the Philippines. After checking out its specification list, Read More. I am looking forward to buying a new car, probably a compact SUV this time around. The Proton X50 seems like a car with good ground clearance, making it suitable for Malaysian roads that are usually a bit bumpy with pavements, drainage, ruts, and drainage.

I wish it falls under the 65k budget and arrives soon. Read More. I'm using Honda HRV since now but i cant wait this car to be my next one. As an owner of urban suv, surely x50 exceeds my expectation regarding its technology.When it rains, it pours.

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That certainly seems to be the case with the Proton X50, a car that has managed to keep an entire nation on its toes even before it was officially named; one which has gone from being cloaked in a shroud of rumour and mystery to something we know so much about considering it hasn't even been properly launched in Malaysia yet. Clearly, Proton isn't intent on playing by the rules with a product that's looking like a bigger game changer than the positively-received X70 with every passing day.

That bravado is the very reason why an invitation to test drive the Proton X50 landed in our inbox before any mention of a launch date. And it gets even better: Proton is so confident in its new baby that it wants the press to put it through its paces in the Sepang International Circuit. So, what have we learned about the Proton X50 after spending a day with the most hotly-debated crossover in Malaysia in one of the most demanding Formula One circuits in the world?

First things first: the Proton X50 is a genuinely handsome crossover in person. Pictures, especially those of the car in a controlled indoor environment, already depict a rather fetching compact SUV.

Proton X50 Test Drive: Disrupting the Market

Every bold line exists for a reason, be it aesthetic or aerodynamic. And they look right at home on the sun-soaked tarmac of Sepang's south paddock. There's a similar European quality to the overall look that you get from its distant cousin, the Volvo XC40, infused with its own, distinctive identity. Sure, the splashes of red on the 'Ethereal Bow' component of the grille and brake calipers and carbon fiber-effect diffusers may look excessive to some. The event was more of a hands-on showcase of the X50's full breadth of talents than a dedicated test drive exercise.

That said, you don't rent out an entire race track without any desire to flaunt your clout. The range-topping 'Flagship' model, which was the only variant available for testing throughout the day, packs a 1. Direct injection gives it 27PS more than the cheaper, port-injected models.

proton x50 test drive review

The advantage shows in the real world, though ever so slightly. But the bigger takeaway here is how calmly the X50 dispatched the task at hand. Any fears of three-banger rattles or clunky gear shifts were kept at bay, for those few hundred yards at least.

This is an engine co-developed by Volvo after all. So, expect to see an X50 filling the entire width of your rearview mirror from time to time once it hits our roads.

Proton X50 1.5T Standard

We came to this conclusion after spending more time in the back seat than the cockpit, which is ironic given the racy setting. Having done that, we can safely say that the rear quarters are more than accommodating for this cm-tall writer, with the pliancy to match.

Proton has gone to great lengths to complete this family-friendly package with the refinement to match on the NVH front. In fact, the entire powertrain felt very smooth, quiet and cohesive throughout whatever little time we had behind the wheel, which brings us to our next point The dual-clutch gearbox is something that often feels so right yet easy to get so wrong; just ask any of your friends who drive early DCT-driven Fords.

Today, they're the go-to mechanism for high-performance cars due to their lightning-quick shifts. And while the seven-speed unit in the X50 also used in the X70 doesn't swap cogs with the same urgency of, say, a Renault Megane RSit certainly nails the fluidity in power delivery and refinement on the move that was lost on so many past attempts to introduce this type of transmission to the sub-RMk mainstream.

Proton says this gearbox has a transfer efficiency of 97 percent, meaning only 3 percent of the engine's output is lost en-route to the front wheels.

proton x50 test drive review

The spec sheet seems to concur, with the 1. Proton has subjected the powertrain to 1.At the point when it downpours, it pours. So consider the possibility that the Malaysian carmaker shows its hand prior to playing its cards. That swagger is the very motivation behind why an encouragement to test drive the Proton X50 arrived in our inbox before any notice of a dispatch date.

Also, it improves: Proton is so sure about its new infant that it needs the press to put it through a lot of hardship in the Sepang International Circuit. The X50 is valued at RM79, for the base 1.

East Malaysia costs are RM2, higher no matter how you look at it — this contrasts from the X70, which is estimated the equivalent on the two sides of the nation. These out and about costs for this privately collected Energy Efficient Vehicle EEV come without protection and incorporate the full exception of the deals and administration charge SSTsubstantial until December All in all, lets check what we have learned about Proton X Lets answer — Is Proton x50 a good car?

The vehicle is important for an authorizing understanding inked in which will likewise observe the appearance of a rebadged rendition of the Jiaji MPV. Typically, the X50 is a lot more modest than the X Estimating 4, mm long, 1, mm wide and 1, mm tall, it is mm more limited, 31 mm smaller and 85 mm lower contrasted with its kin, while its 2, mm wheelbase is 70 mm more limited.

Certain signals are imparted to the X70, for example, the noticeable front bumper swells, profound shoulder line wrinkles and passed out D-columns that give the vehicle a coasting rooftop look. Be that as it may, generally, the X50 has a far sportier plan, helped along by the decreased measurements and the fitment of the Sport outside bundle as standard — indeed, even on the base Standard model.

This forceful look is stressed by the sizeable air admissions and an extending front spoiler that streams flawlessly into the dark plastic body cladding. The Standard is the simply one not to accompany LED haze lights in the corner gulfs.

Moving to the back of the vehicle, the trapezoidal LED tail lights accompany triple light aides and are joined by a full-width chrome strip conveying the Proton content. Adjusting the look is the huge diffuser and four certified fumes pipes that give the X50 an out of the blue indecent look. Luckily, in any case, the architects have given a hard pass to the gaudy back wing found in different business sectors. Very little isolates the four variations from an external perspective.

The Standard and Executive models get inch compound wheels, while the Premium and Flagship pick up complicated inch two-tone rollers. The reach besting variant additionally gets a dark rooftop, and purchasers will be satisfied to realize that the A-column joint lines up flawlessly with the hood, making the two-tone shading plan look less like a bit of hindsight. Interior — The Jet-fighter inspired cabin and Semi-autonomous driving features.

In the event that you thought the outside was present day, stand by till you see the inside. Underneath the middle support is a huge extra room with a USB port and a volt attachment. To amp up the visual show even further, Premium and Flagship variations are kitted with a full red-and-dark shading plan, which discovers its direction on the seats as well as on the dashboard and entryway cards.

The upper pieces of the scramble and front entryway boards are produced using delicate touch materials. Regarding infotainment, all models get the most recent rendition of the Geely Key User Interface, GKUI 19, which is professed to be more responsive than the previous framework in the X The interface itself has additionally been reconsidered, with cleaner tiles and perpetual menu, back and home fastens that last catch is in the center and highlights the Proton logo instead of the Geely emblem in different business sectors.

In any case, the application is marginally unique relying upon the variation. Standard and Executive models get an eight-inch unsupported touchscreen, a simple instrument group and an eSIM incorporated into the head unit itself. On the Premium and Flagship, the showcase is a lot more extensive at The eSIM on these models is likewise coordinated into the telematics box, permitting drivers to control extra capacities, for example, the windows and cooling, much the same as in the X Over the vents are two USB charging ports rather than only one on the Geely.

As is decent in the portion, you can overlap the split back seats for more freight room, while a space-saver save tire sits underneath the boot floor. Standard gear incorporates keyless passage with far off motor turn over, press button start, manual texture seats, manual cooling, a N95 lodge channel, back stopping sensors, a converse camera and four speakers.

The Executive knocks up the element list with programmed headlights, a cowhide wrapped guiding wheel, front stopping sensors and fake calfskin upholstery. The Flagship is practically indistinguishable in spec yet adds programmed wipers, an auto-darkening back view reflect and an all encompassing glass sunroof.

In our car reviewthe X50 accompanies four airbags, ABS with EBD and brake help, solidness control, slope start help, slope plummet control and back Isofix kid seat secures.

proton x50 test drive review

Climbing to the Executive model nets you window ornament airbags to make it six altogether, while the Premium adds a tire pressure checking framework.Published on December 15th, by Daniel Sherman Fernandez. A little history lesson first. But, you and I know this is of no importance to the buyer of this X What is important is the design, safety features, engineering, drive dynamics and selling price.

This X50 measures 4, mm long, 1,mm wide, 1, mm tall, with a 2, mm wheelbase giving decent amount of cabin space. The cabin is driver-focused with good quality fit and finish all around. All controls are positioned to allow the driver to access information with a single glance and operate them with ease.

The interior of the X50 Flagship comes leather upholstery as standard and electric front seats. The boot has a capacity of litres, meaning it can handle leisure activities, from shopping sprees to carrying outdoor fun filled equipment like a bicycle with the rear seats folded down. This X50 also offers drivers a wide selection of driver assistance systems like automated park assist, a degree view camera, tire pressure monitoring, lane keeping assistance, forward collision avoidance and more.

You also get 6 SRS airbags a panoramic sunroof and a dual tone exterior paint finish. The driver gets a 7-inch LCD instrument cluster displays a wide-range of information including phone, multimedia, navigation and driving assistance and more. Also included is a A voice activated user interface is included to operate your sunroof, windows, climate control, audio system and more.

Users with its functionality. From ignition this X50 feels more sure-footed and stable than most rivals, with a lively smooth sensation to every control input and response. The steering is a little light on feel but the weighting is lovely and this X50 copes with fast direction changes.

Ride comfort is good too, a little firm around town possibly because of the wider taller tires, but really well balanced between comfort and keeping this crossover steady on the open road. With an overall system output of bp and Nm of torque. In the city, this crossover behaves predictably like a hot hatch through corners and the average driver will find themselves slowly being a hero around corners as the tail stays tucked in at speeds that will leave some others scouring for traction.

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The drive comes instantly and with great traction, pulling this X50 from the apex with neutrality not many drivers can really handle. And unlike so many in this class, the rewards seem to come entirely without compromise. If we had to pick a negative to any aspect of the X50, it will start with the rather harsh ride on our Petaling Jaya badly maintained roads with the inch tyres. Then there is badge snobbery from some Malaysians. You need to test drive this X50 yourself to understand the level of quality, features and driving dynamics it delivers at this selling price.

Tags:autocar reviewcrossovergeelyProton X50 Highline. Daniel Sherman Fernandez www. While the information contained within the site is periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this website is correct, complete, and up-to-date. About the Author.Question is, can it live up to all that hype?

The short answer is, no. Be warned, however, that this video is 60 minutes long. This being a Proton, naturally the public eye is on it like a hawk, wanting to know every single detail, every single fault, so we are going to be extra critical of it. T hat reviewby the way, has garnered over 2. We also have a shorter version of this review 25 minutes long below, which is easier to digest — meant for casual viewers, it still covers all the necessary details.

It was my decision to hold off all car reviews on paultan. Car reviews can wait, I decided, and I wanted our team to set a good example of staying home, minimising driving out. Now that all travel restrictions have been lifted, we can finally continue doing reviews again. Do enjoy the video above, and let me know what you think of it and the Proton X50 in general in the comments section below. Thank you for watching, and Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone.

Tags: Proton X Research Proton Cars at. Related Cars for Sale on. Congrats on your new ride, bro Friz! Gr8 review Haf bro, none of the advertisement spiel like bashers throw at u, with both pros and cons.

Kinda feel like the cons are just somethings inferior vs X70 and not really vs equal SUV peers, except the boot space. When talking about them it looks like alwiz 1 class above them. Bashers wun like that. Being responsible, setting a good example and choosing to do so while foregoing potential revenue is never pretentious.

Choosing to judge others is. The pretension comes from the language used and it clearly shows they were trying to show that they are being responsible instead of just being responsible.These are pretty big statements coming from Proton, and have no doubt caught the attention of many.

Each variant has about 5 upgrades from the variant before, with a price difference of RM5, to RM9, the biggest difference being the jump from the Premium to the Flagship. The driver is still required to steer, brake or accelerate as needed to maintain safety.

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However, they are supported by systems like lane centering and adaptive cruise control at the same time. All these add-ons are to enable the car to maintain a set distance from a preceding vehicle and stay in the centre of its lane.

On top of the lane centring and adaptive cruise control, the Flagship variant also has an auto-park assist feature. Their self-parking feature gives the system full and active control over the throttle, brakes, steering and gear selection to aid the driver in maneuvering into a parking space.

With this feature, I can just imagine all the stress put to rest whenever I want to grab a bite in Bangsar or Damansara Utama, where parking is usually a pain in the ass.

Despite being the cheapest variant out of the 3 Volvo XCs, it costs RM, which should help you gauge how inaccessible these features are for this price that the X50 Flagship is offering. In the beginning of the article, I mentioned that the X50 emerged victorious in the drag race that took place at the Sepang International Circuit, which you can watch here.

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While it championed the drag race, its claims of 7. Its competitors, the CX-3 and the X1, both have a 1. Most cars are usually powered by cylinders, but many times when a car is powered only by 3, it usually is to save cost and for fuel efficiency.

However, the X50 proved to be the quietest among the three in the race, which was quite unexpected for a 3-cylinder engine car. Type and hit enter to search Search.

Tags: automobile autonomous vehicle car malaysia malaysian startup proton self-parking suv x Subscribe to Vulcan Post Newsletter Stay updated with our weekly curated news and updates. First Name. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.Set to shake up the B-segment SUV market very soon, I had the opportunity to take the X50 out for a spin through a series of tests.

Proton X50 Review: Things To Learn About The SUV Before You Buy

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled by the power, driving dynamics, and intelligent features of the SUV. After I was done, I had a sense of relief as well, given that I have already placed a booking for the X50 on 16 September itself. Did the SUV meet my expectations? No — it exceeded them all. Two options are available: a 1. The former is found under the hood of the Standard, Executive, and Premium models, while the 1.

But is this really a problem? In fact, in my brief time driving the X50, I barely felt any harsh vibration or unpleasant engine note.

But what I can say is how impressed I am with the 1. The engine does make itself heard under hard acceleration — it sounds good to my ears though — but it can effortlessly and quickly get to highway cruising speeds.

Handling wise, there are some body rolls when I put the X50 through its paces in a brief slalom test, but it still feels planted when taking sharp turns.


This feature is only offered on the range-topping Flagship X50, and it includes a slew of active safety systems. Simply put, AEB allows the X50 to automatically apply the brakes to avoid front collisions, and it works surprisingly well when this was demonstrated to us. ACC, for one, lets the SUV automatically adjust the speed to the vehicle in front of you, and this works even in stop-and-go traffic; perfect for rush hour in KL.

As for APA, this feature lets the X50 park itself. It can perform three maneuvers: reverse parking, parallel parking, and getting out of a parallel parking. Out of the three situations, only the latter two were demonstrated to us.

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It takes the X50 quite some time to get itself in and out of the parking space, but the fact that the car can basically do these automatically — you still have to hold a button for the car to start moving on its own — is already very impressive. Not only will it likely be an affordable B-segment SUV, it even offers features that were never available in this price range.

Granted, Proton has not revealed the pricing of the X50 yet, though there is a chance it will go below the RM90, price point. When exactly is the local launch of the Proton X50 happening?

No word yet on that either, though I was told it will be taking place very, very soon. Once that happens, the X50 will most definitely disrupt the market — maybe even outside of the SUV segment. Your email address will not be published. AutomotiveTest Drive.

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