Electing judges pros and cons quizlet

It is a part of American culture to elect officials to represent us in government. We elect representatives in every branch of the government, including the judicial branch.

However, in some cases, we do not elect judges. Someone in higher power appoints them. Why are there different ways for judges to take the bench? Why do we elect some judges? Finding the answers to these questions can help you to better understand the judicial branch of government while also giving you more insight into how the legal system works. For example, if the executive branch appoints judicial positions and quite a few positions come open during the term of a specific leader, then that leader will appoint judges that follow his or her political leanings.

It can create a very one-sided government that leans in one direction politically. Appointed judges may also feel as if they cannot be completely independent in their decisions.

The Pros and Cons of Electing Judges

To combat this issue, some judges go through the election process. However, the election process has its own disadvantages. Electing judges still bring in partisanship.

While judges do not run on a political platform like politicians, it still is the same election process and same atmosphere. Therefore, it politicizes judicial elections. However, in an election, the main idea is a judge should be impartial. Judges cannot take a side. They need to have an open mind. They cannot run on a platform saying they are against certain punishments or that they will be lenient on certain types of offenders.

electing judges pros and cons quizlet

This is much different than many political campaigns. Judges focus on the experience and legal knowledge they bring to the job. They will specifically note their ability to be impartial and fair.

The focus is on the job they can do, not on putting down an opponent or stating their personal opinions, such as happens in political campaigns.

What are the pros & cons of electing judges vs. appointing judges?

Despite the arguments for electing judges, many still feel appointment is better. Some people cannot get past the fact that when we elect a judge, we do so through the exact same process we use to elect politicians. Despite the campaigns of judges being much different than those of politicians, there is still an air of partisanship. People who support appointments feel that appointments remove the politics from the process.

There is no campaigning or fundraising, which brings about its own concerns. It takes money to run a campaign.

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Judges have to find ways to raise funds that will not cause him or her to become impartial or give anyone an advantage.

For example, many times, a judge will get funding through people he or she knows. Often, this includes lawyers. This brings about concerns of conflicts of interest should the judge later face that attorney in court.Rob Curley's ethical lapse as the Spokesman-Review 's editor is too egregious to ignore. Two contested judicial races in Spokane result in two incumbent victories. Public defender challenges former prosecutor in race for Superior Court judge. Spokane County District Court judge to retire at the end of the month; former judge eyes the seat.

Confidence in the court, judicial activism and the influence of money are some of the issues in this year's state Supreme Court elections. Why public defenders united to avoid a particular Spokane judge's courtroom. What's at stake for a Supreme Court void of a criminal defense perspective? Thousands in Inland Northwest could be without power for days as Avista fixes windstorm damage.

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electing judges pros and cons quizlet

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The music video series Live from Somewhere showcases local artists and the beauty of the Inland Northwest. With senior Corey Kispert and freshman Jalen Suggs leading the way, Gonzaga has arguably the best men's hoops team in its history. Top Stories. Related Articles. Two contested judicial races in Spokane result in two incumbent victories By Mitch Ryals Nov 8, Ballot Box Justice Confidence in the court, judicial activism and the influence of money are some of the issues in this year's state Supreme Court elections By Mitch Ryals Oct 6, By Mitch Ryals Apr 28, Speaking ofDepending on where you live, you might even be electing judges this year.

Not all areas elect them, though. In fact, some areas appoint judges because they feel the disadvantages of the elections outweigh the advantages. You can check out the pros and cons and make your own decision. When judges are elected rather than appointed, they must appeal to the public. Rather than focus on donations and endorsements from corporations to ensure appointment, they must prove fairness and adherence to the law to keep citizens invested in keeping them in the courtroom.

Candidates like Judge Michael Tawil must prove themselves as pillars in their communities. This means interacting with their districts and providing plans on how they intend to handle the cases that come before them in the courtroom. Full transparency is essential. One problem with elections is that many judges never need to run against an opponent.

The lack of opposition means that the accountability described above is eliminated altogether in some situations. Many people feel that judges and other government officials are in the pockets of large corporations.

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Appointing judges further perpetuates that belief. When citizens have the chance to elect their own judges, it is believed to help rebuild faith in the judicial system and in the government as a whole. Elected judges rely on being liked by the people to remain in office, and sometimes that pressure to be liked is reflected in their court decisions.

This is especially true during election years. During election years, judges are more likely to rule in accordance with the popular opinion of citizens rather than what is legally fair or right. In fact, during election years, judges are more likely to hand down rulings are too harsh for the crime committed simply because they want to prove to the community that they are hard on crime.

Perhaps that biggest problem with electing judges is that not all elections are the same. Some cities, counties, and states use partisan elections while others use non-partisan elections.

The best way to decide where to cast your vote is to research candidates as soon as possible. Find their verified websites and social media accounts, read past news stories, and learn where they stand on the issues that are important to you.

Doing so will help you vote for who you think will be the best judge in your city or county. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.In my state we elect judges. This means judges are more susceptible to political influence, but they're also more responsive to their constituency. Betsy - That's a popular view, but it's wrong.

The job of judges is to balance competing interests, not to impartially apply the law. Judges are not umpires simply calling balls and strikes. This is why we have appeals courts.

electing judges pros and cons quizlet

It's why laws get overturned all the time. If judges were to impartially apply the law we'd still have slavery and voting would be restricted to landed white gentry. In my state local judges are elected as well, this means if they make bone headed rulings we have an opportunity to remove them from the Bench. It does sound right to have say in such a crucial position. On the other hand, we elect the other branches, and having one that isn't blown about in electoral breezes has it's appeal. On yet another hand, when we have a bad election, and monsters appoint judges for life terms, that nightmare continues for DECADES, even generations -- as they can sit on the bench making insane judgements for such a long time.

Judges more responsive to their constituency -- that has its good and bad side. When people don't go to the polls, you get judges that were chosen by fanatics.

Then there's the problem of information. We elect judges, too. And I often have NO idea, because it's hard to find out anything; media don't cover those we're deciding between. So, you guess, leave it blank, or choose based on some idiotic criterion, such as liking their name. So, there's my completely useless take -- I don't know, I just don't know. Appointing someone to be judge should be about getting the right person with the right qualifications in.

It shouldn't be about a popularity or beauty contest or about who has the most money. Suppose a judge takes money from someone to fund his campaign and say that person or a friend etc then appears before him?

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On the other hand you can argue that electing someone makes them accountable and then if they aren't doing a very good job then they can be legally removed by appointing a replacement.

However any public official who is appointed to do a job should have that threat hanging over them anyway.Mississippi, as does other states, expects its judges to be as apolitical, nonpartisan and independent as possible on the bench. There are valid and reasonable arguments on both sides. And states use a hodgepodge of ways to elect, appoint or even do both with judges. According to the nonpartisan Washington, D.

Mississippi is one of few states that elects judges up and down the trial and appellate spectrum, although its races are nonpartisan except for justice court. Seven states have partisan judicial primaries and elections. Mississippi has strongly embraced this Jacksonian philosophy. But while providing some direct accountability to the citizenry, electing judges invites politics and special interests into the process and can take focus off qualifications and knowledge of the law.

It requires judges to raise or have raised for them campaign money and to spend a lot of time campaigning. For the top-ticket appellate court races, both the money and time are substantial. Big judicial races now require big campaign money and attract big spending and attack politics from special interest PACs. Mississippi judges are supposed to let a committee raise their campaign money for them and keep them in the dark on donors, and their campaigns are not supposed to coordinate or communicate with third-party groups running ads against their opponents.

Political observers have questioned the efficacy of those firewalls for years. None advocated a switch to appointments. Look at the makeup of the court over the last few years. Missouri voters intired of corrupt political bosses and after some controversial judicial elections, adopted what was initially called the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan.

Under the plan, versions of which are now used in many other states, a nonpartisan commission reviews candidates for a judicial seat and sends the governor a list of those it believes are best qualified. The governor picks a candidate. If a majority votes in favor, the judge serves a full term. If not, the judge is removed. Many states use this or a similar method for higher-level courts and elect lower-level judges.

But Steffey said he, too, doubts there will be any major push to appoint rather than elect judges soon. Follow GeoffPender on Twitter. View Comments. The Missouri Plan Missouri voters intired of corrupt political bosses and after some controversial judicial elections, adopted what was initially called the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan.Ever person we met and spoke with, were so helpful and not only interested in talking proudly of their home, but took interest in us as well.

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Discussing the impact of partisan elections on judicial bias.

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Should Judges be Elected or Appointed?

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